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Why is self-care crucial for our well-being?

No, self-care isn’t just manis, pedis, and bubble baths (though it can be!).

✨ Self-care has become quite a buzzword, but the definition is any activity that we intentionally do to take care of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Although simple in theory, most of us overlook self-care, telling ourselves that we’re way too busy and *MAYBE* feel secretly resentful of people who seem to take great care of themselves.

But the thing is, self-care is SO important for stress management, reduced anxiety and depression, improved mood, a healthier relationship with ourselves and with others, and it even improves many physical markers like blood pressure, heart health, immunity, and more.

And let’s get one thing straight: self-care IS NOT selfish–it’s necessary to fill up your own cup before you can continue to give to others.

Schedule self-care like it's important, because it is.

Graphic question about self-care

Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning:

🔹intentionally breathe for 5 minutes 🔹unplug once a week from social media 🔹pray and connect with God 🔹give yourself permission to do something ‘unproductive’ 🔹spend time with a friend 🔹connect with nature 🔹take a nap 🔹drink more water 🔹set boundaries 🔹go to therapy or get a coach

What are your favorite self-care activities? 👇


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