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The BIG Idea


1. to make bright and glowing
2. to cause to ignite or inspire

We believe the next generation has the capacity to BE defined by love and compassion.

We are on a Devine Mission to kindle generational wellness for all.

We do this by focusing on the family's health and resilience, starting with the parents.

So that they have the capacity to raise up the next generation with passion and purpose.

We just happen to be chiropractors. 

Romantic Couple

Our Practice

At Dr. Mama Bird & enKindle Chiropractic our first priority is to serve our Creator by

serving the members of our community. Specifically, we focus on serving families, especially expecting mothers and children.

As parents, we understand that the health of you and your family is your first priority. That is why we offer quality boutique-style care for the entire family. We also understand that you are looking for a provider that has YOUR best interests in mind; so we keep things simple.

This allows us to deliver you the care YOU need, rather than the "one size fits all".

Our tailored yet simplified options are made to support both YOU and YOUR individual family's needs and values.


Start your journey today and become a practice member!

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