What to Expect &
Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect on the initial visit? 

Initial Visit
Care at our office begins with an initial consult and examination. This is your chance to share "all of the things" so that we get to know YOU,  your unique needs, concerns, and wellness goals.


This visit includes a structural, orthopedic, and neurological evaluation using BrainTap HRV Technology. With this information, our providers will create an individualized recommendation and plan of care for you that will be presented on your Day 2 Visit.  

For some patients, if warranted, x-rays will be ordered at a local imaging center following the initial visit. (For more on x-rays and other tests please see below)

In order to review your exam findings and come up with a game plan, we do not adjust or provide therapies on the first visit.

Day 2 Visit
On your second visit, we will go over in detail the results of your examination and any studies we ordered. At that time, if we believe we can help and we are a good fit for each other, we will give you our recommendations for care and first adjustment.  


Once you have booked this visit, be sure to also schedule your second visit so that we can go over your Report of Findings from Day 1 and care plan recommendations and begin care.

Please note that scheduling your first visit may require a deposit or credit card on file to reserve the time slot. We ask that in the event you need to cancel, you give us 24 hours notice if possible. Non-emergent cancellations made less than 24 hours before will result in a cancellation fee. 

Is your Chiropractor Office Open Saturdays?

Yes! We are open Saturdays! For those needing to get care for yourself + your little ones, during non-school hours, we offer Tuesday & Thursday early evenings, along with Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Our goal is to do our best, as a family ourselves, to offer care that fits into your schedule.

Do you take my insurance?

Our main priority is to partner with you whilst providing 7-star care that is specific to your individual needs. The one-size-fits-all care model dictated by insurance companies is designed to simply provide short-term symptom relief rather ONLY than address the root cause; is often not evidence-based, and therefore fundamentally out of alignment with this goal.


Not accepting insurance allows us to collaborate in making decisions about YOU and your family’s health thereby putting the power back in your hands. It also allows us the opportunity to offer you and your family affordable packages and membership options to help make care affordable. 

We accept FSA/HSA, cash, credit/debit as forms of payment. 

Can my whole family get adjusted?

Yes! In fact, we even have launched a Family Happy Hour for those who need to have shorter visits (at a deeper discount) so they can squeeze the whole family in for adjustments during one sitting. 

We do our best to fit you and your family into appointments that best fit your scheduling needs; please let us know if times on our Scheduling System are not working for you. 

Families receive package discounts, with greater discounts for the family members who need increased frequency of care. 

As we see a lot of kids or pregnant mamas in rapid growing/changing stages, we like to reiterate the importance of our unique, extra-long appointments that offer you plenty of time to explore your body's needs and give us plenty of time to support you in your recovery, rest and care. 

How Many Visits Should I Expect?

 At enKindle chiropractic, our model is designed for more than to just "fix"  your pain, but rather our mission is to support YOU as a person and your innate capacity to heal, be resilient, and thrive; so that you have the energy and capacity to BE whom you need to be. We are here for ongoing care through a season, and/or as a part of your health care regimen. That said, care recommendations will be individualized and will reflect the level of support that is in alignment with what your body needs to achieve these higher-level health goals.


If you are looking for short-term pain relief or injury treatment this practice may not be a great fit for you.

Recent Car Accident or Worker's Injury?

We do not work with recent auto-injury, worker compensation, medicare, or post-surgical cases; as we do not have the tools and systems to provide these types of injuries with the appropriate care. We advise anyone looking for this type of care to check out Aligned & Integrated Chiropractic or American Chiropractic in Mesquite.

Do I need an

In short, probably not. We do not x-ray every new practice member each initial visit. We reserve imaging for instances when it is a)safe for our client and b) warranted in order to rule out reasons we may need to change our approach to care. X-ray imaging does expose your body to radiation, and as routine x-rays very rarely If warranted, x-rays will be ordered at a local imaging center

How long should I plan for visits?

Initial visits for individuals are scheduled for 50-minutes. Follow-ups range from 20-40 minutes. It does take a few minutes to park in our free lot, and get upstairs to the office. 

Do you accept drop-ins?

We only offer services with those who previously book an appointment. Check out our Practice Policies page for more details about our booking how-to's!