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What to Expect &
Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I expect from The Initial Visit?
    All of our initial visits begin with a complimentary consultation. This is our chance to get to know YOU, your unique needs, concerns, & goals, and determine how we can help you. Our promise: If at any time during the consult, we determine we a NOT the best provider to help you, we let you know who is and conclude the visit–at no cost to you. If we believe we are a good fit to work together 🙌🏼🎉 , we will invite you to Begin Care Immediately with a comprehensive Chiropractic Examination. Each Chiropractic Examination will begin with a structural, orthopedic, and neurological evaluation. For Adults & Ages 16+ this will also include a BrainTap™ HRV scan to see how resilient your body is to everyday stressors. For our Pregnant & Postpartum members, the exam will include a Webster’s Technique & External Pelvic Floor & Core Analysis. For our Infants and Children, the exam will include a cranial examination and either a feeding or play observation. For some patients, if warranted, x-rays will be ordered at a local imaging center following the initial visit. (For more on x-rays and other tests please see below) Please note, should you decide to Begin Care with an examination, the associated fee for the examination portion of the visit will be billed at the end of the visit. After Booking Your Initial Visit: Be sure to book your Day 2 Report of Findings so you can receive all your exam results, individualized recommendations, and plan of care. We will also go over the associated investment & payment options for your care moving forward at this time. Prior To Scheduling We encourage you to take a look at our scheduling and cancellation policies and frequently asked questions. Please note that scheduling your first visit may require a deposit or credit card on file to reserve the time slot.
  • How much does each visit cost?
    Short Answer: Our visits range in price. Care in our office can save you both time and money compared to other options. Full Answer: Just being real - Our "per visit" rates are not the cheapest in the area BECAUSE we pride ourselves in spending 3-5x longer with our patients per visit than your average chiropractic office to make sure you get the care YOU need. We do not offer cookie cutter care or one sized fits all appointments here 🙅🏽‍♀️! That said, because of our intentionality and longer visits, our practice members typically only need to come in HALF as often as most other offices (if not less). When it's all said in done, the overall investment for care in our office is typically similar if not less than offices. We are for sure significantly more affordable than other alternatives that can cost up to $20-40k. Meaning not only do our members ultimately save money, they SAVE TIME! Our payment structure is based on the length of the visit with the Doctor of Chiropractic. Short visits that require fewer services are less, while our extended and specialized treatments are more. After your initial examination, we will discuss in full with you prior to booking follow up appointments what types of treatments and visits are recommended to help you reach your goals and what the investment will look like. The Standard Initial Visit is $275. This is includes your initial examination and treatment, as well as your Day 2 Review of Results.
  • How many visits will I need?
    Short Answer: It depends. Full Answer: At enKindle chiropractic, our model is designed for more than to just "fix" your pain, but rather our mission is to support YOU as a person and your innate capacity to heal, be resilient, and thrive. We are here for ongoing care through a season, and/or as a part of your health & wellness regimen. That said, we rarely provide care on a visit to visit basis. Instead, we operate more like your Orthodontist whose focus is on the OUTCOME ie" Straight teeth and a perfect smile!". In our case, the focus is on healing, recovery, improved improved function, performance, and vitality, ect. Our care recommendations will be individualized and will reflect the level of support that is in alignment with what your body needs to achieve these higher-level health goals. Rather than focusing on the number of visits to "tighten the braces" (get adjusted), we create a plans that are designed to support you in achieving your health goal over a period of time. Just as it takes time to change a smile, it takes time to make a lasting change in your body. Unlike your orthodontist though, our plans are typically over a period of a few months rather than years! 😁 After your initial examination, on your Day 2 Visit, we will present you with your exam results, your individualized recommended plan of care, the investment, and payment options for said plan. If you are looking for short-term pain relief or injury treatment this practice may not be a great fit for you.
  • Will I be adjusted on the first visit?
    In most cases, your doctor may choose to treat you on your first visit. That said, it not always prudent to adjust on the first visit. For your safety and well-being, your chiropractor may require additional tests like x-rays ordered; or he/she may need the opportunity to review all previous x-rays, MRIs, or labs you bring with you first to create a plan of care prior to adjustments. It important to note that we do offer OTHER treatments and services that may be more appropriate to begin with on your first visit, which your chiropractor will discuss with you. After your initial examination, on your Day 2 Visit, we will present you with your exam results, your individualized recommended plan of care, the investment, and payment options for said plan. If you are looking for short-term pain relief or injury treatment this practice may not be a great fit for you.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    Short Answer: We are out of network with ALL insurance companies. We DO accept FSA/HSA, cash, credit/debit as forms of payment. Details: At enKindle Chiropractic, we believe that providing patients with 1-on-1 care is best for their healing and wellness. Typically, insurance dictates treatment, with most in-network chiropractic practices needing to see 10+ people an hour to be profitable. This means you have less than 5 minutes with the doctor, while most of your time is spent on a passive modality with a chiropractic assistant. This also means needing to come in multiple times per week for months in order to make progress through your plan. The one-size-fits-all care model dictated by insurance companies is designed to simply provide short-term symptom relief rather ONLY than address the root cause; is often not evidence-based, and therefore fundamentally out of alignment with our practice. Being out-of-network allows us to provide you 5-10x longer visits with the doctor's all eyes on you. We are able to treat you how we feel is best without insurance dictating our every move, thereby putting the power to make decisions about your healthcare back in your hands. With more dedicated time, in-depth treatment, and therapy geared towards patients taking ownership of their care, clients are able to reach goals in less time, with fewer visits. We have never had anyone ever regret the investment they make in us and in themselves!
  • How long are visits scheduled for?
    Initial visits for individuals are scheduled for 50-minutes. Please note, it does take a few minutes to park in our free lot, and get upstairs to the office. Follow-ups range from 15-40 minutes. All visits start with a 5-10 minute Vibracussion® massage. No, this is your everyday massage gun! Anyone of our clients will tell you this patented $2k tool is 100x better than anything you get on the market! Not only does it feel great, it helps to prep your tissues for a smoother adjustment.
  • Are you open on Saturdays?
    Yes! We are open one Saturday each month! As our Initial Visits are longer, we offer occasional Saturdays to make getting started or routine wellness care for yourself + your little ones easier during non-school hours. Our adjusting hours include Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday morning, lunchtime, and early afternoon visits. As well as Tuesday late afternoon and early evening visits.
  • Do you work with whole families!
    Yes! In fact, we even have launched a Family Visits with deeper discounts so the whole family can maintain a healthier lifestyle. As we see a lot of kids or pregnant mamas in rapid growing/changing stages, we like to reiterate the importance of our unique, extra-long appointments that offer you plenty of time to explore your body's needs and give us plenty of time to support you in your recovery, rest and care.
  • I'm afraid or not a fan of the popping sounds 😬, do you use other techniques?
    No worries, you are not alone! We have clients that prefer NOT to be adjusted manually. Our doctors are trained in multiple techniques, some of which include extremely gentle instrument assisted and gravity based techniques; such as Activator and SOT. These gentle and effect techniques are used when we adjust babies and children. They also work great on adults! You do not need to have popping, twisting, or cracking to experience the benefits of chiropractic care!
  • I've had Recent Car Accident or Worker's Injury. Can you help me?
    We do not work with recent auto-injury, worker compensation, medicare, or post-surgical cases; as we do not have the tools and systems to provide these types of injuries with the appropriate care. We advise anyone looking for this type of care to check out Aligned & Integrated Chiropractic or American Chiropractic in Mesquite.
  • Do I need an x-ray?
    In short, probably not. We do not x-ray every new practice member each initial visit. We reserve imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound) for instances when it is: a) safe for our client and b) warranted in order to rule out reasons we may need to change our approach to care. X-ray imaging does expose your body to radiation, and as such we do not routinely order them without reason. If warranted, x-rays and other types of imaging will be ordered at a local imaging center. If you have previous imaging, we do encourage you bring it with you to your initial consultation.
  • Do you accept drop-ins?
    We only offer services with those who previously book an appointment. Check out our Practice Policies page for more details about our booking how-to's! Need a last minute appointment? When available, you may book online up to an hour before!
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