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Birth Planning process > The Plan Itself

Planning for your birth may feel like baby showers and filling the nursery. While those things are beautiful and fun, I want to invite you to consider spending some time and effort planning for your birth.

The birth planning process is more valuable than the plan itself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Birth plans are not pointless my friend, they are valuable and powerful and a fabulous tool to explore and discover your personal preferences for labor and birth and then give you the confidence and knowledge to advocate for yourself throughout the entire process of giving birth and the postpartum too.

This process is not just about "being informed" is about taking into consideration your unique circumstances, cultural and social influences, options available to you based on where you live and your personal preferences for how you want to feel during this time.

It is more than just a is not about actually planning your birth.

It is a process that helps you gain knowledge and learn how to navigate the twists and turns, bumps and potholes, and any road blocks you may experience while giving birth.

Your best option is to take a childbirth education class that includes a birth plan workbook and template.

This will help you in two ways: 1.) education 2.) tools and resources.

This will help you work through the birthing planning process effectively and efficiently.


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