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CURRENT MEMBERS - CLICK HERE  Thank You for Scheduling Online!

Scheduling Your Initial Visit

All of our initial visits begin with a complimentary consultation.  

This is our chance to get to know YOU,  your unique needs, concerns, & goals, and determine how we can help you. 

Our promise: If at any time during the consult, we determine we are NOT the best provider to help you, we will let you know who is and conclude the visit--at no cost to you. 😉

If we believe we are a  good fit to work together 🙌🏼🎉 , we will invite you to Begin Care Immediately with a comprehensive Chiropractic Examination. 

Each Chiropractic Examination will begin with a structural, orthopedic, and neurological evaluation. 

- For Adults & Ages 16+ this will also include a BrainTap™ HRV scan to see how resilient you are to everyday stressors. 

- For our Pregnant & Postpartum members, the exam will include a Webster's Technique & External Pelvic Floor Analysis.

- The exam will include a cranial examination and feeding or play observation for our Infants and Children. 

Please note, should you decide to Begin Care with an examination, the associated fee for the examination portion of the visit will be billed at the end of the visit.

Prior to Scheduling
We encourage you to take a look at our scheduling and cancellation policies and frequently asked questions

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