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The In's & Out's of Intentional Health Care + Leading FAQs about Our Family Chiropractor Clinic

Hey there! I’m Dr Alex Pankoke, half of the family-owned & active-lifestyle focused EnKindle Chiropractic. With a great Sports-Focused Chiropractor as a partner, in both practice and life, Enkindle Chiropractic is a family practice for those gearing up and growing their own families, run by a family who lives the same active lifestyle you do.

For our Mamas who are gearing up to give birth, we’ve got a special offer just for you! Click on the button at the bottom of this page to check out our current breastfeeding pillow giveaway for those who start care with us this year.

We know one-size doesn’t fit all, so our protocols and health plans are uniquely designed to explore your individual needs and health goals, with quantity and frequency of visits outlined to both fit into your schedule and work to meet your budget.

Care this thorough starts with some serious intention, which is why we split our first session up between two visits: the first session is extra long, giving us lots of time to learn about your health-history, lifestyle details, and perform a variety of examinations that give us a keen look at your physical structure and nervous system. We pull all of this information together to create our suggested plan, which we bring to you in the second session – opening up the conversation to discuss our medical suggestions and find a way to make it match what feels right for you! We want you to feel confident with your care before you walk out of the door, so we make final decisions on future sessions, begin to build out your care routine to match your schedule, and go ahead and get you started with your first adjustment. Even better? We only charge one fee for both of these visits, which means you get over an hour and a half of care for one introductory price!

Our main priority is to partner with you while offering impeccable care that is specific to your individual needs. The one-size-fits-all care model dictated by insurance companies is designed to simply provide short-term symptom relief rather ONLY than address the root cause; is often not evidence-based, and therefore fundamentally out of alignment with this goal.

Not accepting insurance allows us to collaborate in making decisions about YOU and your family’s health thereby putting the power back in your hands. It also allows us the opportunity to offer you and your family affordable packages and membership options to help make care affordable. We do accept Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.

At enKindle chiropractic, our model is designed for more than to just "fix" your pain, but rather our mission is to support YOU as a person and your innate capacity to heal, be resilient, and thrive; so that you have the energy and capacity to BE whom you need to be. We are here for ongoing care through the rapidly-changing seasons, or as a part of your health care regimen. Whether you’re focused on managing the growth of your family, excelling to the next level with sports, or looking to offer supportive care during physical changes, our care recommendations are designed around your lifestyle, with our health protocols and adjustment schedule reflecting the level of support that is aligned with what your body needs to achieve all of your higher-level health goals.

If you are looking for short-term pain relief or injury treatment this practice may not be a great fit for you. But we’ve got some great recommendations of fellow Chiropractors we love and trust!

From extra long sessions, lasting 20-45 minutes, to consistent communication, extra opportunities that explore your body’s health through support in exercise training and movement protocols, plus regular analysis of your care’s success, we at EnKindle Chiropractic are here to bring rest, recovery and support to your active lifestyle and growing families. We’re here to help you find your fire.


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