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Dad's, Let's Talk Tough: Staying Strong For Your Family Starts With Support From Experts

Hey Dallas - Fort Worth Dads, curious how to create a foundation of health for your family? Getting Chiropractic Adjustments as a family helps your kids watch you walk your talk. By listening to conversations about your body with your doctors and watching you take care of yourself by getting adjusted, your kids are learning how to have a relationship with their health.

It’s no surprise that the leaders of health in families are usually led by moms! Women are more than three times more likely to seek out care or ask for support. But when it comes to setting an example for your little ones, it’s important for every parental figure to be setting an example for well-built foundation: daily care (from nutrition to exercise), detoxing (kicking those toxins to the curb through sweat, lots of water, and swapping untrustworthy products), and supportive care.

This is what makes our Chiropractic Care stand out, to help you stay strong. Our extra-long sessions aren’t just here to help you get adjusted, but to help explore your lifestyle as we aid you in defining your own daily care and detox needs that will uplift your body’s health between the times of seeing us for your supportive care needs. We are here to help you learn to listen to your body’s needs and challenge your day-to-day actions.

Support, rest & recovery are all a part of becoming stronger. And providers like Dr Paul Pankoke are here to help you tackle all facets needed to keep your body in peak condition as you work hard to be the leader for your family.

No surprise, Dr Paul likes to start with your core. As a Sports Specialist, with a career of high-impact sports that inspired his education as a doctor to help other create long-living sports careers, Dr Paul helps your body recover through adjustments, then pairs your care with helping you activate your core and ensure you are participating in all positions correctly. Offering unique insight on your body’s movement, helping you evenly distribute weight and ensuring you are not placing undue pressure on sensitive spots that are trying to recover, Dr Paul helps you adjust your workouts that allow you to keep going, regain your strength, and help your body recover faster.

For those who have been interested in our Family Package discounts, we have an extra special surprise for you! We have launched our Family Happy Hour! For those who are needing faster sessions and deeper discounts, to fit supportive care into their active health routines, we have a few openings for families on Tuesday (2:30-5:30) & Thursday (2:30-4:30) afternoons to come gain care from Dr Alex & Dr Paul. For families who need extra quick sessions, with kids in tow, talk to us about Mom getting care from Dr Alex, and Dad getting care from Dr Paul! Click here to book now.


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