Have you heard about our
latest launch? We now offer
Family Happy Hours! 

Join us every Tuesday, from 2:30pm - 5:30pm
& Thursdays, from 2:30pm - 4:30pm

*Example: A family of 5 on a bi-weekly membership would be$140 x 5 = $700With 20% Off , the total comes to $560/mo or ($52 a visit)


If you and your family are already a members, you can book your family NOW!

What else do we offer?

Signature Visit 

20 Mins - 
"The Original". Starting with 5 minutes of vibration massage. Followed by the adjustment and l additional service such as prenatal specific care, soft tissue work, cranial work, therapeutic exercise, stretches, tape. 

Extended Sports Visit

40 mins - 
Includes the Signature Chiropractic Visit PLUS the "Guac"...aka therapies such as In-depth muscle and fascia I work, Cupping, Guasha, Sports Medicine, Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning, Scar tissue release, Exercise programs & Extended childbirth education, etc.

Express/ Happy Family Hour Visit 

5-10 mins, Per Person
Includes "The Adjustment". Simple. Understated Powerful.
For families and clients who have graduated to wellness care, on a regular maintenance membership, and/or who need to get in and out quickly. *Not recommended for prenatal, infant, or care for a specific health challenge.

New Patient Exam

40-60 mins -

This is our chance to get to know YOU, your unique needs, concerns, and

wellness goals.This visit includes a structural, orthopedic, and

neurological evaluation and for adults or stress resilience scan using

Brain Tap HRV Technology.

Family Exam

60 mins - 
Yes, that's right; we believe the entire family can benefit from wellness chiropractic carel This visit is designed so that everyone in your home can become an established chiropractic patient 

House Call

30 Mins - 
We will come to you! Servicing Sunnyvale and 15 mile radius in the comfort of your own home or birth center. We will bring out tables and equipment to help you function and heal faster.