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Tough Love: Why WE CAN'T help you...

💣 Tough Love: WE CANNOT help you if... 😬

Dr. Alex giving an adult a chiropractic care

🚫 You're just looking for a quick fix. This is a HOLISTIC approach and 90% of success is staying in the game! We spend time getting to know you, discovering the root cause, evaluating what your particular body needs at this exact time, and making a plan for the future. While not always a quick fix, it's what will support your overall health long-term! Just like going to the gym, Rome isn’t built in day. A quick “pop” provides very little therapeutic value, and we don’t want to waste your time and money.

🚫 You're not willing to take responsibility for your own optimal health. Yes, we're here to be your cheerleaders and help you get motivated and inspired, but you're the one who has to actually apply what you learn in your day-to-day life. We're here to guide but can't do anything FOR you.

🚫 You just want a supplement dispensary. I love using the correct supplements in the right situations, but supplements are only part of the equation. We're not here to 'fix' you by just popping pills, even natural ones. There's so much more to the complete picture of health.

Are you ready for some REAL help? 😂 Then schedule your first appointment today in 🗓️


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