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Why C-Section Scar Tissue Release?

C-section Scar Release Therapy (SRT) is an effective method for reducing the negative impact of scars, particularly those resulting from C-section surgeries, which are performed extensively in the USA, totaling 1.3 million annually.

At enKindle Chiropractic we include SRT employing Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS), a patented solution rooted in scientific principles aimed at enhancing the skin's cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and healing capabilities as one of the pillars of our C-section Restoration Method™. This approach reawakens the skin's inherent regenerative potential, resulting in scar size and shape reduction.

It is well-established in scientific literature that C-Section scars can have adverse effects on the body. They can constrict and bind fascia, muscles, nerves, bones, organs, and systems, creating a restrictive effect on the entire bodily structure. This constriction impedes circulation and energy flow, negatively impacting overall health and wellness. Scars can also trigger the sympathetic nervous system, promoting stress and serving as precursors to illness and pain.

Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP), back pain, shoulder pain, and neuropathic pain have all been associated with C-Section scars. Surprisingly, recent research indicates that only a small percentage of chronic pain experienced by patients is localized at the scar site (10%), with the majority (80-90%) of chronic pain originating from distant areas unrelated to the C-Section site (OGN 2019).

Here are some key study facts:

  • 40% of C-Section patients experience CHRONIC BACK pain.

  • 20% of C-Section patients experience SHOULDER-NECK pain.

SRT not only addresses pain but also alleviates stress, adhesions, and fascial restrictions resulting from C-Sections. This safe and comfortable procedure can be administered in the office, leading to reduced pain levels. Studies have shown that a single application of SRT can provide 82.52% pain relief (OGN 2018).

Dr. Alex adjusting a pregnant mama
C-section scar release using MPS

Beyond becoming free from pain, our C-Section Restoration Protocol has helped women

🎉Reduce the appearance of scar

🎉Reduce puffiness and bloating from a “c-section shelf”

🎉Feel more like themselves again

🎉Restore mobility in the back and hips

🎉 Feel more connected in their body

🎉 Achieve a flatter tummy and get more out of core exercises

🎉Actually fully RECOVER from surgery

🎉Prep for successful VBACs

All that to say...Mamas, we got your front and your back!

If you are interested in finally breaking free from the tether that keeps you feeling bound around your midsection, schedule your new patient visit online!

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