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The Top Four Reasons We Advocate For Proactive Care Versus Reactive Treatment

We love when our people get to share how they couldn’t believe they could live a life with as little pain as they do! We like to thank a multi-faceted health regime that focuses on proactive care and celebrates intentional recovery.

We understand such a healthy lifestyle is hard to shift into, sometimes, but with how many people rant and rave about the results, we figured we’d share some of the best ways we’ve seen people benefit:

  1. Did you know that the longer you don’t fully recover from an injury, the more damage that piles on your body? It’s one of the biggest reasons we suggest knowing your body well enough to say when it’s time to stop and rest – a not-always-popular opinion when it comes to being Texas-Tough, but one that we’ve discovered makes us stronger in the long run! Receiving consistent care and working with your provider to make long term health regime plans are vital for managing active lifestyles that have you movin’ n’ groovin’, all the way to supporting a regular routine of high impact sports. This proactive care helps your body recover faster from tougher tackles, falls or missteps, offering you less pain later and increased functionality in your movement post recovery.

  2. Working with professionals who can help you adjust minor movements that can make some of the biggest errors when repeatedly performed, can help keep your body’s muscles build in a way that will support proper movement. While we can handle a lot of push n’ pull, our bodies are still complex and delicate, requiring correct movement, consistently, to support your longevity.

  3. It’s easy to forget how good feeling good really is, until you get hurt. Getting hurt can sometimes be avoided when we learn how to listen to our body and practice developing the patterns for proper movement. Proactive care offers you the opportunity to make sure you are listening to your body’s discomfort and working with professionals to learn how to make adjustments in the wide variety of facets our lifestyles balance.

  4. We can’t leave this one out: stress! The stress of looking for something to fix pains or problems is exhausting. Creating a connection with a series of experts while your feeling good helps alleviate unnecessary stress and allows you to focus your mental energy on healing. While we love offering people regular care, it’s not for everyone. We do however love deep diving into our patient’s health during their first two initial visits, so we can learn all about their needs for any time they come to us with reactionary needs. We always like to be prepared, especially as our process is based in intention and takes time to get to know your body.


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