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Muscle Memory & Working WITH Your Body's Ability

Let's talk about how smart your body is! As Chiropractors, our adjustments are here to help your body learn better and create muscle memory for how to support itself.

How do we do this? When you're adjusted your joints are stimulated, which the brain then logs. This is called pre-frontal integration! This restores your brain & body's connection, offering increased functionality to the muscle and soft tissues and decreasing the stress on the joints. This then leads to health joint mobility, creating muscle memory.

Can you believe it? We love getting to share how amazing your body is - it's also the reason we offer health protocols where our adjustments support you during growth or transitional stages. We believe that our support can be a temporary part of a well-rounded health regime, giving your body the boost it needs to accelerate its development, growth and/ or healing. Curious to know how else your body can increase its functionality? Give us a holler! We can't wait to share.


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