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Keeping Up With The Kids

Have you noticed those pesky little habits you wish your kids didn’t? We’ve been there! Said a bad word, handled a reaction poorly– you name it, we’ve probably done something just as wild that we hoped the kids wouldn’t notice either. But the good news is that choosing to put your body first is a majorly healthy pattern that can help your kids learn the tools they will need for the rest of their lives to reset & establish their day-to-day bumps, bruises, stumbles & stressors.

While we may be biased as a couple of doctors that spent years in school and continually focus on our education, but we believe that you can’t teach someone something unless you learn about it first. One of our leading goals in seeing families is to arm parents with the language and knowledge to answer kids’ questions between visits, and help them better understand the long term importance of making time for their health. Even moreso, seeing a Chiropractor and getting adjusted shows your kids that you’re creating space for support– a major component of community as none of us can go at life alone.

Just like the rest of your life, while creating healthy patterns for yourself is great for the kids, making space for support is first and foremost about you– the parent! Like many of us, health was seen as a luxury and never something we spent everyday on. But after years of wear, tear & watching hundreds of parents come in to discover their need for a lifetime of recovery– while their kids head into their most active days– we realized that helping the whole family learn better tools to help with resting, de-stressing and moving smarter, is the number one thing you can do for your legacy.

Our kids are our future, they’re what we want better for– in doing better, we offer them an easier way of life when they’re our age; instead of spending their latter years recovering, we want to help foster a generation of those whose latter years are thriving.

So how can you start now, with you: the dedicated parent that works all day & never has time for yourself? The answer that sounds the craziest, it’s time to take a knee. Our sessions are a bit longer than most, not only giving us a chance to be extra thorough but to also create a slow environment to offer your body a chance to destress & rest. Why?

Creating the pattern of de-stressing.

Your body is constantly in flight, fight or freeze mode. Adjustments offer your body time on the table to take it slow and think about your body’s most basic need: breath. It takes your whole body to breathe– which brings us to the question, are you using it?

Are you taking big breaths through your diaphragm instead of struggling with a tightness in your chest that’s forcing your shoulders to take the brunt of the breath? Are you relaxing your jaw and taking your tongue off the roof of your mouth, while you exhale? Are you letting your arms hang loose and adjusting your hips to relax your legs and eyelids? Are you wondering how breath can do all these things?

We ask questions not just to help us understand how we can help you, but to help you explore your own body. Surprisingly enough, we equate questions with de-stressing. It’s not about badgering you about a list of to-do’s, it’s a moment where you get to have a time to remember all the amazing ways your body is here to support you.

Making a rest plan.

While some see rest as a way to destress, we actually see how de-stressing is the root to resting. Just like we talk about moving smarter, there’s a way to rest smarter too. As it’s been proven that our bodies need 66% rest to support 33% work, it’s no surprise that with the need for ample productivity to support jam-packed schedules comes the need for some seriously productive rest.


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