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How to Manage Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy: Tips for Pregnant Mamas

Pregnant mamas, this one's for you! 🤰

Pelvic pain is a common complaint among many of the pregnant patients in our practice.

Pregnant mama getting adjusted to relieve pelvic pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, hormonal changes can lead to a loosening of ligaments that can cause this frustrating pain. Pregnancy can also strain the lower back and pelvis, thanks to your growing baby's weight.

Fortunately, consistent chiropractic care can help! Chiropractic adjustments have proven to be successful in treating our patients' pelvic and lower back pain.

Our adjustments can help restore proper alignment in the pelvis region, which will reduce pain, and create optimal space for baby to grow!

If you're ready for help come see us at Enkindle. Did you experience lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy? If so, how did you manage it?


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