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Feeling Fried? Let's Talk Nerves!

We might be biased, but we think rest, recovery and care are mighty important for you staying strong for longer. Longevity is key when it comes to your body’s functionality, and we’re here to help share some serious news that too many keep secret: you have to rest 2X as much as you are active.

Starting to wonder if that’s why you’re feeling a bit fried?

This doesn’t mean you have to sleep for 16 hours a day (but who wouldn’t love to now & again, huh?) – this just means you have to consider the amount of time you are straining your body as you consider how much is needed for your recovery.

Stacking lots of tough sports onto your schedule? Your recovery may mean you need a bit more support to help your body settle back into a relaxed state, encouraging your nervous system to trigger your body into healing mode.

Finding your jaw clenching while you bend over a laptop all day, stressed from sticky work deadlines? You could be forcing your body to live in a stagnant state that doesn’t allow for the fluidity of your body’s functionality.

While us as Chiropractors are focused on your musculoskeletal structure, we know a thing or two about the nervous system – especially since the two are so closely connected! Your nervous system is your response mechanism; if you respond with the same patterns of strain or stress, your nervous system will constantly be living in this state. If you practice actively resting and focusing time on recovery, your body will learn the importance of letting go of the stress more regularly.

People are patterns, and no one needs to feel like their nerves are frayed. So let’s talk about a way we can help your rest regime, so your nerves can help your body respond with peak functionality instead of feeling fried.


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