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Drs. Paul and Alex Pankoke, DC both grew up in the great state of Nebraska. #TheGoodLife.

They met as classmates in the Exercise Science program at the University of Nebraska Omaha where they realized they shared similar dreams of helping people thrive and reach their health goals. Shortly after graduating, they both dove into the field of corporate wellness while building a small personal training business, Pankoke Fitness, LLC . After working with people of all ages, the couple was inspired to serve their community at a higher level. This gave birth to the pursuit of a deeper understanding of the innate potential within the human body and eventually enKindle Chiropractic. 

Paul, Alex, and their two sons, now live in the city of Dallas where they are active members at Shoreline City Church.

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Dr. Alex Pankoke, DC

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aka: Dr. Mama Bird

I am a doctor of chiropractic.

I am a wife and mom.

I live my life on mission.

My mission is to serve God by serving others.

I define health as a dynamic state of balance and optimal function, which is achieved when the body is free of interference and able to adapt to itself and its environment.


I know life is messy and I support balance, not perfection.

Loving service is my first technique. 


Doctor of Chiropractic- Parker University

MS Exercise Science- University of South Florida

BS Exercise Science- University of Nebraska Omaha

Skill Highlights:

-Webster’s Technique Certified

-BEST Certified Child Birth Educator
-Specializes in Perinatal and Postpartum Care


-Spinning Babies Workshop, Fall 2018

-Active Member of International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

-NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Coach 


Dr. Paul Pankoke, DC

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Dr. Paul Pankoke has specialized training to support active professionals, athletes, and weekend warriors who want to stay at the top of their game in their careers, on the field, and with their families!

These high achievers in the office and on the field do not have time to be limited by shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, hip pain, or low back pain. They need to function their best so they can have the focus and mobility needed with their demanding lifestyle.

When it comes to sports, Dr. Paul has worn many hats…from athlete to coach, ref, strength & conditioning coach, exercise physiologist, and now a chiropractor.

As a youth athlete, he played soccer, baseball, and competed in powerlifting. Currently, he plays in various adult soccer leagues in DFW.

Over time, his love for the game, high-intensity fitness, and weightlifting resulted in major and minor injuries. Learning how to recover and become a better athlete is what put him on his path to where he is today.

With over 10 years of experience working in health-related fields, he has made a focus on helping active professionals and athletes. As he has seen how much of an impact care makes on their life. Before being a chiropractor he was in corporate wellness helping busy professionals then took a leap to chiropractic to be able to serve people in a greater capacity and hasn’t looked back.

As a father, Dr. Paul is passionate about helping you manage all the aches, pains, and frustrations that build up from old injuries and stress that he himself, and many other former athletes, and active professionals deal with as adults so that you can live the lifestyle you want pain free.

His philosophy is “Let’s build strong and balanced kids, so we don’t have to fix them as broken adults”. But for those like him that had previous injuries and need help, he has created a process to get them feeling younger and in less pain.

He is a big believer that God designed the body with everything it needs to heal and thrive, and it is his pleasure to help empower you and your family by facilitating that power through chiropractic care.


Doctor of Chiropractic- Parker University

BS Exercise Science- University of Nebraska Omaha

Skill Highlights:

-Webster’s Technique Certified
-Specializes in Strength and Conditioning 

-Active Member of International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

-ASCM Health Fitness Specialist

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