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In order to best serve you, it is ideal to see your chiropractor for regular wellness care. Just like with eating well and exercise, a nervous system focused chiropractic care, we understand our bodies take time to heal from the inside out, and it is most beneficial to have a regular long relationship to attain a flourishing lifestyle.
 We are here to support you through it all. Regardless of the choices you make in your healing journey, chiropractic care will improve your inherent ability to function.

We also want your entire family to thrive, so we offer care plan options to make care financially feasible for you to make commitment to lifelong health.

New Member Exam+First Adjustment


Care Plans 

For convenience and affordability, we are offer individualized care plans based on care recommendations at a reduced cost per visit,

which will be discussed during your second visit. 

Single Visit Rates

(For practice members not on a care plan)


Single visits begin with a chiropractic adjustment, 

and may last from 10-30 minutes; and may include any of the following additional services:

Add-on Services

                              Pre-natal visit          Soft-tissue work 

                            Re-examination         Functional Movement 

                     Exercise Prescription         Spinning Babies Tutorial

Family Visit


3+ family members in 30 minute blocks of time

Prenatal Package


Includes exam & first adjustment, 18 follow up prenatal visits,

Spinning Babies tutorial, 1 house call,

baby's first exam & adjustment

($1900 value)



We are considered by most insurance companies a wellness practice. Therefore, like your gym membership, supplements, organic food, etc. insurance typically does not pay for those things, or care in our office. For this reason, we are not in-network with any insurance companies.


Rest assured, you will find our rates are extremely affordable for you to receive the recommended care plan the doctor creates for you. If you do have wellness chiropractic coverage, in most cases, our rates are less than your typical insurance co-pays.

We are now Accepting FSA & HSA funds. 

Thank You

As a special 'thank you' to those that serve their communities on a daily basis, we offer 10% discount to all Military Members and Vets


LEOs, Teachers, First Responders, and

Birth Workers.

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